Knowing about AbilityOne Program

The AbilityOne program is a Federal source of work for people who are blind or have vital disabilities. Being administered by the US AbilityOne Commission, the program is purchasing from people who are severally disabled or blind. The program has a national network of around 600 nonprofit agencies through which it offers Federal Government products and services at affordable market prices.

AbilityOne Program

Procuring these products and services helps around 50,000 individuals to get work. The AbilityOne Program has priority as per certain special acts and regulations.

As per the priority, the Use of Government Supply Sources suggests the descending order of priority for services and products to satisfy agency needs.

As per the Competition in Contracting Act the AbilityOne procurements are regarded as ‘other than competitive’ procurements that authorize some exceptions to complete and open competition.

The execution guidance as per law states that complete and open competition is necessarily not given for when a statute expressly authorizes or needs that the acquisition be acquired through another agency or from a particular source. There are many nonprofit agencies using people who are blind or have other disabilities. Such agencies are precisely listed as authorized application of this exception as per certain acts.

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