KP Yohannan – A man behind the success of Gospel for Asia

When it is about conveying the message of God, there should be someone regarded as the messenger of God. It is a not a metaphor, rather there are many people who believe in spreading the message of God to the people who are still unaware about the true meaning of life. Believe it or not, all do sins, hence people need to pray God to eliminate all the sins and enlighten them to get the right path of life making their lives better.

K.P. Yohannan

KP Yohannan is a man of principles who believes that God is omnipresent and people only needed to learn about God Jesus Christ and his life. Gospel is all about the life story of Jesus Christ. It teaches people about sacrifice for others, helping people and living with peace. He has founded Gospel for Asia, the largest Christian Missionary NGO having branches in different nations such as Bhutan, Bangladesh, China, India, Myanmar, Thailand and more. The core purpose of the NGO is to help the people in understanding value of gospel teaching and how to implement teachings in your daily life to make it better.


Revealed secrets of salvation:


People who do not know to stay happy or seek ways to salvation need to read gospel. KP Yohannan was born in 1950 and raised in Kerala, India thereafter he joined evangelical mission and served there for consecutive 8 years. He went US for his studies, and graduated in Biblical studies. Later, he and his wife founded Gospel for Asia in order to spread the message of the God to the people who are unaware about his life sacrifices that Jesus Christ made. He has authored many books trying to answer some basic questions of life that people always look for. It is all about how you move ahead in your life because success and happiness is not fulfilled until you embrace the contentment of loving the God.


Devoted life to the God:


There are a few people who completely devote themselves to the God and keep on spreading the teaching of Gospel ensuring that all people know the real essence of life and live their life happily. KP Yohannan has completely devoted his life in serving the god. He has dedicated himself in providing teaching and training to the volunteers who will carry out the job of spreading the messages among the people. The most interesting aspect associated with him is that he never believes in only preaching about the good news of the Gospels rather he ensures that he helps as much people as he can so that people can understand the real meaning of life. In nutshell, the overview of the gospel is helping each other and keeping the humanity alive in this materialistic world. This world is crowded with several materialistic things and people get stuck with these things. They need to understand real essence of life, read gospel and learn hidden secrets of life.