Let It Snow and Make It Go with Best Snow Removal Edmonton Services

The most amazing time of the year has come. We can hear the bells jingling, Christmas trees being prepared at every house. Its winter vacations! A time of celebrating the birth of the lord and saying adios to a wonderful year that is about to end. When we talk about winters, how can we forget the beautiful snowfall? The whole city or town just gets covered with the beautiful glittery powders of ice making everything look calm and serene. But, as suave as it sounds, snowfall also brings a lot of trouble to a particular place. The traffic gets disturbed, roads get blocked and it also hampers the physical composition of things like lamp posts, mail boxes, traffic lights many others.

Snow Removal

For this problem to be resolved, man invented a technique called snow removal. Snow removal, as the name suggests, is the process of removing snow from the roads, thresholds, parking lots or any area where it gets deposited. Usually the snow in the house is being removed by its owner using a shovel or a spade. If a person lives in a place where it snows most of the time in a year, he/she might have to buy a snow blower as well.  In the places like Prague and Czech Republic, there are laws which state that the snow removal of a contiguous land space is the responsibility of its owner.

Removing snow from a house or an office might sound easy but what if it has to be removed from the whole city or a very large area? Such kind of work requires professional expertise. One might have to hire paid contractors who have special tools dedicated to the snow removal of a very large space. This might sound strange but snow removal is a very expensive process. Canada spends around 1 Billion Dollars every year on snow removal. The workers usually the very ones who work on road maintenance and other construction processes. In USA though, plows are being attached to the garbage trucks in order to use them for removing snow from the roads and sidewalks.

Two sides of a coin

Snow removal can broadly be classified into two categories:


This is the process of snow removal Edmonton after the snow has been deposited on a particular space. It is the most traditional way of removing snow. Usually tools like spade, shovel, snow blowers, snowplows, ice-scrapers etc. are used to do this job. It also uses some chemicals and salts for melting ice. The selection of tools primarily depends on the area covered and temperature of that area. The salt used mostly is Brine or wetted salt or sodium chloride, which is inexpensive and readily available.


Anti-icing is basically the method of applying chemicals and salts on the surface of below it in order to melt the ice and hence make snow removal Edmonton much more feasible. Anti-icing chemicals and salts either decrease the freezing point of water further or produce an exothermic reaction in order to melt the ice faster. Many organic products have been used for this process keeping environmental issues in mind. These products are generally the bi products of agricultural processes which make them really inexpensive and environment friendly.

Snow removal apart from being a very useful process in a cold country, has also helped in raising employment rates during such times of the year. People can at least take care of the snow deposits on the sidewalks around their houses. They can also employ a person who genuinely needs some cash on the go and get this job done.