Louis Habash – And His Exceptional Ability of Narrating a Story

In order to share the ideas and thoughts with others on any topic or subject that they like, the basic urge to communicate with the world is the main reason why people take up writing. Indeed, it is not a very easy task for any random person to do. It is only some talented people who have the ability to put the exact words together on a piece of paper to effectively express their ideas and thoughts that take recourse to writing as a means of communicating with the world.


Another reason why people may be fond of writing is to narrate a story. Those who have a flair for writing along with the creative minds and also love to tell stories are the ones who take up writing that gives them a lot of enjoyment and pleasure.

The art of storytelling has always amazed Louis Habash , which has now manifested in the form of writing habitually on a variety of subjects that he finds interesting. He is a freelance writer and deals with many new, unique topics.

Subject matters which interests Louis.

Travel, films and technology are the favorite subjects of this innovative, creative writer who loves to put the pen on paper and transfer his thoughts into structured writings that convey his thoughts and feelings on any topic or subject.

The person seems to be sensitive to his surroundings by nature and has a pretty receptive mind that resonates with thoughts and ideas that arises from whatever he sees taking place around him. The ideas are then screened with a mental filter that sends signals to select the topics for writing that match with his style and tastes. By writing on the subjects that excite him, he is able to provide complete justice to his writings that can easily connect with the readers.

The impact of films on his writings.

Many of his creative writings revolve around films that appeal to hisintellect and emotions. The aspects of storytelling of films have always attracted him since childhood when he was literally awestruck on watching the movie ‘Godfather’. He is so fascinated by the unique plots and stories of films that he turned to writing about films like The Graduate, Citizen Kane, Raging Bull, Casablanca, and many others. His vivid interest about the film industry is clearly reflected in his writings that cover the various events and new releases that he chronicle.

With the advent of the internet, the impact of films was so deeply engraved in his mind that Louis took to blogging about films, sharing his feelings and views about movies that influenced him. At the same time his writings are published in various newspapers as well as other print media too. His ability to connect with readers easily has made him very popular. His use of lucid language combined with the articulate expressions have been the secret of his success. His creativity and skills of storytelling keeps his readers hooked to his writings.

Louis Habash has also made a successful career in travel writing and writes on various technical topics surrounding the latest gadgets like smartphones of Apple and Samsung that attract the youths of today.