Make Your Own Surfboard wall rack

Are you one of those divers and surfers? Then definitely you would be possessing different kinds of surf boards in your home. There would be a lot of extra items such as the Malibu, a gun for big waves, a thruster for maneuverability and many boards just because the design is so better than the previous ones. In this case a surfboard wall rack would be very helpful for the things to be organized and neat. It also helps to keep the things in one place without getting scattered.

Surfboard wall rackThere are many surfboard wall racks available in the market at different prices also. But here is a simple method to make your own surfboard rack.

Things needed:

A measuring tape, scale, pencil, Wood gum, Insulation pipe, Zip ties, A nylon thread, Hook, a piece of carpet, drilling machine, Saw, Scissors, level, Knife, Wood plates.


  1. Find a suitable place for the rack and mark with the pencils exactly where to make the holes.
  2. Adjust to the levels properly and mark the straight line. Mark the levels of the position of the wooden plate.
  3. Now drill according to the marking. Drill the depth as per the depth of the wooden plate.
  4. Measure the plate and fix it to the wall. Before doing this with the help of the saw shape the wooden plate according to the need.
  5. Install the hook set at the end of the wooden plates properly.
  6. Now padding of the wooden plate is needed. This can be done with the help of the insulation pipe.
  7. Now place the carpet to the length of the rack. Cut the carpet using the knife according to the size of the rack. The surfboard rack is ready now.

This surfboard rack is very simple and easy to make. But before proceeding to do this, please think over again, whether this rack will suit your needs. This is very important because it is time consuming. Many tools are required for this. For any beginners, making own wall rack may not be as simple as shown for the first time. So decide on what to do and enjoy with your fantastic surfboard wall rack because when you finish doing this you will be definitely recompensed for your work.