Making A Positive Difference In The World Through Micro Financing

People who are born in poverty usually find themselves in such circumstances for no fault of their own. Moreover, commercial banks usually refuse to provide them with loans and financial assistance to get out of their dismal living conditions as they do have any assets.

Apart from this, such individuals also do not have access to adequate educational facilities and healthcare conditions. In such a situation, microfinance provides them with a ray of hope. Organizations who deal in such financial activities help them to become financially independent and productive members of society. This goes a long way to assisting overcome their bleak economic conditions.

Making a difference to the world

Joe Johnson Mercy Foundation is a renowned non-profit organization in America, which works closely with other prominent charitable institutions to help remove poverty in developing countries.  It helps to provide microloans and other forms of financial assistance to poor people around the world to help them in becoming financially independent.  Unlike other similar institutes, this Foundation does not raise its funds through public donation. It relies on sale proceeds of commercial properties that corporate enterprises no longer require.

This provides a win-win situation for both parties. In the case of companies, they no longer become liable to pay huge tax liabilities in the form of capital gains. Moreover, they can claim the difference between the sale price of the real estate asset and its fair market value as a tax deduction for charitable purposes. For this Foundation, it helps its members to provide safe financial assistance to poor people around the world who need it to overcome their poverty.


The goal of this charitable Foundation is to help people living below the poverty line to become financially self-reliant and provide a better future for their family members. Most of these people live in remote rural and semi-urban area where the main livelihood is agriculture and allied activities. The members of this Foundation go out of their way to work closely with prominent non-government organizations on spreading awareness on benefits of such loans. This form of financing is important because these people do not have access to traditional banking facilities to establish their small businesses to supplement their incomes.

The members of this foundation further explain that microloan also acts as a catalyst in spreading educational facilities and improving health conditions of these people. They say that the children of individuals who take such loans to become financially independent do not become school dropouts for economic reasons. Moreover, they have better access to healthcare facilities and learn more about importance of sanitation.

Helping people to smile again

The professionals from Joe Johnson Mercy Foundation say the financial assistance they provide to their borrowers in over 60 countries have been instrumental in changing their economic conditions. The microloans they provide assist them in becoming financially independent and productive members of the societies they live in. This goes a long way in helping them live a life a dignity, overcoming their poverty and putting a smile back onto their faces.