Nailing the Wedding Bun: Tips from the Experts

So it’s official; you are now engaged, with a glittering ring and a wedding to plan! So many decisions lie ahead of you, from flower arrangements to appetisers, but one of the most crucial choices to make from a bridal point of view is how your hair will look.


Benefits of the Bun

Thankfully there are many wedding hair designs to choose from. One of the most popular is the bun, a glamorous style that never goes out of fashion. The best aspect of this style is its simplicity – once it’s done you won’t have to worry about it for the rest of the day.

You can also decorate it in a variety of different ways. But just how do you achieve the perfect bun for your big day? Never fear, the experts have weighed in and here are some of their helpful tips!

How to Wear It

While buns might look complicated, they are in fact one of the easiest styles to achieve. At its most basic, to have a bun all you need to do is gather all your hair onto the top of your head or wherever you want to position it, twist it up, and secure it with a band and some artfully placed pins.

Alternatively you can opt for more decorative styles. Want to wear an ornate headband on your wedding day? Draw your hair through the bottom of the headband then back through again. Carefully adjust the headband and tuck all your hair into place then, once again, secure it with some pins.

Want to go the braided route? Make a couple of thin braids using the hair near your face (ideal if you’re growing out your fringe) and then sweep up all of your hair and turn it into a bun. Why not embellish with some beautiful little glittery clips?

Last but not least, to disguise your hair band, wrap some loose hair around the base of your bun, or perhaps use a scarf if you want a retro look, and voila – the perfect wedding bun is achieved!

For further inspiration, most women turn to content aggregators, social media or sites like Style and the Bride wedding blog among others.

However you end up wearing your bun you are sure to look gorgeous on your wedding day!

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