New Film Draws Attention To Issue of Sex Addiction

A sex addict named Jace was at literally at the end of her rope. She was planning her suicide, as she was fed up with struggling with commitment issues and empty sex encounters. In the first shot of the documentary trailer,–2#/, you can see the pain and desperation cloud Jace’s pretty face. That situation in itself would have made an intriguing, yet depressing documentary, as many of know little about the real torment of sex addiction.

sex addiction

The next shot, however, shows a whole different Jace, a smiling “girl next door” beauty, determined to embrace recovery by finding out the “why” behind the “what” of sex addiction. She astutely cites that all we hear about sex addiction comes from celebrity gossip reports of high profile screw-ups who “confess” they have are addicted to sex.

To be honest, when we hear of such cases, we non-celebs tend to say “yeah, uh huh” and put this down to another oddity of the rich and famous. Jace shatters this stereotype and gives voice to the thousands of ordinary folks suffering from this all too real disease.

Jace courageously sets out with camera in hand to finally find out what healthy sex is all about. She also explores the information that we are subjected to as our sexuality emerges, that causes confusion, pain, and oftentimes addiction. Although her comic timing is spot-on, she treats the subject seriously and wields her camera with an unflinching eye.

Through clever double entendre, Jace teases us to want to know more about this fascinating subject through her documentary, entitled Suddenly Celibate, wherein she decides to stop having sex and start learning about this elusive subject through interviews with clinicians, relationship experts, and even sex workers.

For any sex addict dealing with this devastating condition, Suddenly Celibate offers hope through Jace’s journey down the rabbit hole of sexuality. This film is also important viewing for anyone who has ever been involved with a sex addict, or just wants a no-nonsense panorama of information for sexperts.

Jace does need help to fund this groundbreaking film. Visit the project page to find out how you can help Jace get the word out about sex addiction and how to have a happier, healthier sex life. Support the project by clicking here:

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