New Web Series Opens Eyes to Issues Out There

There are some entertainment options out there that are more than just something fun to watch or do, but that offer the one using that form of entertainment the chance to grow. There are some things that are created for both entertainment and growth. There is a new web series that has been created that was made to get the word out about issues that are around, to get people thinking about such issues. Skin Deep is something that explores the issues of racial and cultural biases, it is something that will get people thinking and that will stir up conversations.

Skin Deep the Series

There is much that goes on in the world that is not okay, and Skin Deep deals with some of that. This web series focuses on seven different characters who are linked together because of an attack that they all suffer through. This series will help those who are watching it to pay closer attention to the world around them and to the problems that exist there. This web series is something that will draw the viewer in and bring each person who engages with it to start thinking about the issues that are out there and what they can do to make the world a better place.

There is a great idea out there for Skin Deep, and there are some who are ready to get the web series rolling, but there needs to be money around for those who are looking to make this a success. There needs to be money around to be used toward the creation of the series. Those who think that the series could be something that will end up being great can help out with it and try to give it what it needs to be a success. Such individuals can donate through the Indiegogo campaign that is going on.

You can support this project and join them at: