Normal is Over: Economic-Environmental Documentary

Normal is Over, is a new, award-winning documentary by Renee Scheltema, that was filmed with the intent to change the current monetary system that is now based on endless economic growth that cannot be sustained, into a monetary system that helps to preserve the beauty of the planet.


When thinking about the economy and monetary systems, the benefit of our planet is not often the first thing on the minds of those in charge of such decisions—but it should be. Renee Scheltema is an investigative journalist whose mission has been to offer a real variety of solutions to the economic and environmental problems the world is facing. Her intent is to address these issues and offer hope in her solutions. The issue of both environmental change and the economy is an urgent one, and Renee is self-distributing her film, but is seeking a wider release.

This feature documentary was predominately self-funded and took four years to film, with Renee Scheltema acting as a one-woman-crew who never gave up but continued to pursue the global filming, editing, producing, and release of this documentary film.

Beginning in the Netherlands, she successfully had 12 overwhelming screenings of Normal is Over, and Scheltema’s new goal is to have as many screenings as possible, everywhere possible around the world. To meet this goal, it does not simply require money alone.

According to Scheltema, it requires marketing, social media, creative materials for advertisements, community organizations, and grassroots outreach. The screenings bring the information to the masses, but the ability to bring the screening to the people is hurdle she seeks to overcome. Should her film make a profit, Scheltema intends to set up a creative eco-community that can be part of the “Creative Commons,” as she calls it. She wants this concept to be repeated around the globe in order to heal the planet—one informed person at a time.

Capturing a global audience is a hit or miss in the world of film, as some films go viral and some do not. The challenge of targeting and capturing that global audience that is interested in the contents of the film is luckily, not as difficult as it may seem. The economy, the environment, and the problems and solutions that both of these topics have and need, affect everyone and most people are concerned about it.

Getting the word, the connections, the networking, the collaboration of groups, and a coalition of people and groups that can become committed to make that change are needed. The documentary itself is a tool to inform, instruct, educate, and offer solutions to the masses and targeted groups in the most efficient and intimate way possible.

Scheltema is seeking the funds to support the release of her documentary on a larger, global stage, and all funds will go into spreading the word and information as far as possible.

By visiting Kickstarter, you can support this endeavor at:, or you can visit for more information about the documentary that you can share with others.