Outsourcing of Payroll Services, Singapore – Benefits

Since many years into human resource management, payroll services have gained more importance than ever all across the globe. Whether your business is small or large, payroll services ease the task of human resource managers by avoiding any confusion regarding issues like whom to pay, what to pay and when to pay in a rather recurring pattern.


Salary setting decision making, updating of any leaves, taxation policies, government and health related benefits and schemes etc. are processed by payroll services. Singapore being an economic giant in the global market is not very far behind in this aspect. Therefore, in payroll services, Singapore as a nation has evolved a lot over the many decades into the industry and has globally adapted itself to fit into the grid in terms of human resource management.

Singapore, as a nation has become more advanced in every aspect of its being and has been constantly upgrading itself by various measures taken to improve their human resource management. Outsourcing of payroll services is one such task which has been practiced in this country for many years now. Let us look at the various benefits of payroll services to understand why Singapore has chosen to go by these lines to manage their human resources.

Generally speaking, outsourcing of payroll services enable cost cutting by almost 50% in comparison to in house employment of payroll executives. This also makes the job of managing various tasks related to payroll like head hunting of payroll executives and their hiring process, installation of expensive software and related applications much easier.

Outsourcing of payroll services ensure to give your business more focused attention which it needs for its growth and development. Therefore when it comes to outsourcing of payroll services Singapore as a nation has advanced in many ways. Here’s why they have chosen this path over the traditional human resource management of payrolls.

  • Enabling business owners and other employees to primarily focus on the growth of their business and work with better efficiency
  • Help to use the spare time in strategizing policies and their implementation for the growth of the business
  • Avoidance of any headaches of payroll related tasks which are time and energy consuming in nature
  • Best way to avoid any penalizing actions if say, taxation rules were violated etc, payroll services would take care of them in a much effective manner
  • Operational cost cutting and reduction of overall costs as well

Therefore you can also opt for outsourcing your payroll services to a third party for an effective and sustainable growth and development of your business.