Recognition and Honors for Capital Numbers and its Service

Businesses must focus on the products and services they offer to survive through tough competition. If they compromise on the quality of their product or service or even on their customer handling works, then they shall have to count their days in existence. This is the reason that smart entrepreneurs these days are taking no chances and hiring the likes of companies like Capital Numbers for ensuring that they get the same and if possible even more of services from this company.


With a high-class portfolio surmising the international clients on the likes of GQ, Vogue, Harvard University and others, and after being certified and honored by prestigious organizations, the company today has become popular. The popularity of the company is not just for the illustrious client list but also for its success in serving client companies with services of web development, mobile development and of internet marketing to name a top few.

The company Capital Numbers has become trusted thanks to its 250 odd professionals who are talented, and who are constantly working towards offering more and more of the superb support in IT and other services. They offer third party support in handling CRM, HR and even in content management and since they are ISO-9001 Certified, they can be trusted for sure.

The company had started in 2012 and ever since its establishment it has been singly focusing on the ways to improve the scenario of websites of clients in order to attract customers. Whether it is luring customers with superb user-friendly interface using WordPress, Joomla or Drupal or whether it is helping the customers find their right product online through the e-commerce navigation- all are laid out by the professionals here.

The organization has got some of the most prestigious awards from reputed organizations already. Firstly it got awarded by The Telegraph Infocom for being the SME of the Year 2014 and then in 2015 it was awarded for being the Most Promising Startup by CII-Industrial Innovation Awards. The organization Capital Numbers has also become a Google partner and this is just beginning of a very promising journey.

The organization’s eye candy portfolio and a very robust growth graph just suggests that the organization has developed a lot over the years and today, it is quite ably supported by its dedicated teams that specially look after the ways it can help the client companies.

So, whether it is designing the landing page of a website or developing the website using WordPress or on other such platforms, the client companies know where to look. The organization has got plenty of goodwill, since they make sure that their works speak for themselves. They have got pride in developing the Harvard Health Policy Review using WordPress or designing and developing the e-commerce site of Pligg using PHP, Pligg CMS, Smarty, WordPress and WooCommerce, to name a few.

Growth of a company will only happen if everyone in the company works on the same plane of thought and with a keen aim to succeed personally and professionally through service.