Resilient Hearts: Film about treating patients with terminal illness

‘Resilient Hearts’ is a feature film made by an amazing bunch of talents that pronounces the humor and willpower with patients in the palliative care unit in a hospital. A special hospital unit called ‘Palliative Care’ takes care of patients with acute illness and struggle.

The film focuses on how this team helps their patients in accepting their illness and positively faces their struggle. There is humor in every activities assigned and patients along with this team work to ensure that they face their struggle and change the outcomes of the disease in each one of them.

One of the greatest coping mechanisms suggested to these patients is humor and playfulness with which their journey need be faced.

Now the struggle here is for the team members to keep their patients motivated and happy throughout their stay in the hospital. Their aim is to ensure that patients have fun filled and happy days while they are in hospital even it could last only for few days.

This team of voluntary helpers assists their patients to maintain their dignity, regain control over life and make them feel normal while also comforting them to take their journey with confidence and brave heart.

The film is truly an example to ‘no budget’ movie. The star cast includes volunteer members handling every aspect of movie production including a hospital that has dedicated its space for the team to continue with their shooting. This film is focused to create an impact on humanity and how patients with palliative care be handled.

The world does not care to provide a harmonious environment for terminally ill patients and this makes life of these patients worse. In such cases, it is important for family members and extended family to watch this movie Resilient Hearts and take an understanding on the mental state and the impact of illness.

We are now currently in the post production stage of releasing this movie. We need your support in getting this effort showcased to the world. You can volunteer in this initiative by supporting us with funds required for us to take this work forward.