Samsung Galaxy Note 5: 4K Display And 8K Recording

Samsung is not only the trend setter in the market but also it defines the new standards of high-end smartphones, for example the Galaxy Note 4 with 2K display and after its launch there is a rain of devices with such resolution display and the good thing, nobody able to achieve the similar efficient results and same this year would happen as Samsung Galaxy Note 5 launch.


In the previous Galaxy Note device there was 16MP camera and 3.8MP front sensor. And in video mode, Note 4 could do the recording of 4k videos in slow motion and fast motion (the latter a bit confusing but works well). The quality of the videos at 1080p and or 4K is well crafted, with proper stabilization and quality above average. Perhaps where their stands out are in slow motion and fast motion, where there are still some things to polish, such as preview of the content and choice of the scenes you want to record. As Samsung software works on your cameras it is welcome, especially because it gets better results than the Japanese manufacturer itself sells them sensors but this does not mean it’s perfect. Still, we think that probably is the best option in the photographic aspect Android. So, Samsung should think about a better sensor incorporation in the Galaxy Note 5.

The Galaxy Note 4 has 3,220 mAh battery and theoretically too small to move tremendous monster, but no. The phablet of Samsung quietly can last all day and can even spend the second day. For example, if we go to work at 7:30 am and arrived at 10:00 PM, between these little over 12 hours away from home, receive calls between 25-40 minutes (yes, also it serves to call), slightly more than 3 hours of music with Spotify, about 5-7 games Asphalt 8 and constant synchronization with my mail, social networking and messaging applications like WhatsApp Telegram and all this with a brightness of 70% and the team arrives home to 30% of battery. So, Samsung has done the right in the case but improvements are always welcome, who don’t love something extra in the same package or price, and we know Samsung has already taken this challenge and if he would succeed then you can count another one hit in the 2015, in form of Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

Samsung decided to go to Note 4 with the “Ultra Power Saving”, the same as we saw in the Galaxy S5, which leverages the AMOLED panel at its best and can be placed in white and gray mobile. This will allow extending the range to 30%, but the trouble is that few applications are available in this format, including Facebook and WhatsApp. But this is not all. Samsung incorporated the quick charge function that is well appreciated. And further improvements would definitely be the part of the next Samsung Galaxy Note 5.