Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

Samsung Smart phones are sophisticated and designed with latest technologies. Today, there is more number of consumers seen using Samsung Smart phones than any other brands. Recently, it has come up Samsung Galaxy S5 – the device can be described in the one word that is evolution.

The brand has a reputation to maintain and it looks like it has succeeded with Samsung Galaxy S5. So, what is new with this gadget let’s explore:

Pure Brilliance

The design and the physical appearance may look similar to that of other Samsung phones but it has enormous 5.1 HD touch screen size. The videos and images comes to life with the vibrant colors and offers stunning game playing experience.

Long Life Battery

Android customers are seen complaining about their battery problems, but not with Samsung Galaxy 5. With the device’s ultra-power saving mode, the S5 shut of the unnecessary apps and turns the screen to black and white to give you maximum battery life.

Stay Active

The new app “S Health” is a built in heart sensor that tabs your responds to the touch. It helps you learn about your health, track your workout activities along with measuring your nutrition.

Speed Contentment

Not happy with your cell phone’s sluggish performance? S5 will never disappoint you in that matter. Whether you are working from the coffee shop or working from the busy airport, the device is combined with LTE and Wi-Fi that boosts the speed.

Shoot To Perfection

Let your images tell the story like never before. Whether you are capturing the special moments with the family or any scenic beauty, S5 lets you shoot stunning and crisp pictures with the privilege of editing.

All in all the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a beautiful device that has earned glowing reviews of the customers’ world-wide. Professionals who are on the go can definitely make their selection choosing S5. So why not check the best smartphone deals online and get your favorite now.