Tips for selecting the best baseball bat for your season

While selecting the best baseball bat for your season, it is crucial to first take a look at the rule that your season may have set up for what baseball bats can be included and which ones are prohibited.

For instance, some leagues do not permit composite bats.

youth baseball bats

So, the first thing is to check out the rule book of your league season and then you can select a perfect bat to play with.

The process of selecting a baseball bat also depends on your age. However, you do have other factors too.

Take a look at some:


Comfort is the most important factor in the selection of youth baseball bats. How much comfort does the bat give to the hitter?

The comfier the hitter is, the better he will perform in the game. Thus, it is important for the batter to try a few swings with the new bat while figuring him in the game.

He can even borrow it from the store and try some swings with the ball if the store owner allows. Try to go for a similar bat on which you have been practicing before.

Need of BBCOR

BBCOR is set to ensure two things.

  1. To reduce offensive performance during the baseball match.
  2. To ensure the safety of the pitchers

Any match should be played in such a way that the player’s safety is not under any kind of threat. Higher the speed of the ball after hitting the bat, the higher the risk of injury becomes.

Hence BBCOR standard is very important for ensuring the safety of players (especially pitchers).

Exemption of BBCOR standard

Certain exemptions are applicable to the BBCOR standards and BBCOR marks on the bat.

Players belonging to High school or are going to high school in the coming year of age group 11 to 14 need to use BBCOR bats only if the bat being used is made up of composite material.

Alloy barrels belonging to the Youth big barrel model or the senior league models can be continued to be used for these divisions.

Wood bats do not need a BBCOR certification mark if they are made using only a single piece of wood.

If bats are made of bamboo or using different combinations of woods or if they constitute composite materials, then certification is a must.

How to understand whether a bat is BBCOR certified?

This is a question that has been asked frequently. It is very easy to understand the BBCOR certified bats or BBCOR bats.

You just need to see for the certification mark on the bat.