Senegal Government Announced Elenilto As Operational Head Of Offshore Sud Oil Block

Just after completion of the 2 years operation in the parts of Senegal and after going through the negotiation with the governmental aids, it has been stated that Elenilto has been given the degree by none other than presidential head of Senegal. The main aim is to focus towards the developmental fields related with the Offshore Sud Shallow segment of the Oil block, under the zone of prospective Senegal. This can also be named as one of the leading developers of the African mineral and oil category and a reliable company on the global platform.

EleniltoFocusing towards the statistical associates

The block is related with the 7920 square kilometer and this is located in the zone of Southern offshore basin associated with Senegal Casamance. This is also associated with offshore segment and it is noted for covering up with the help of 2D seismic. The assessment based on the zone of oil resources volume is related with the 2D seismic coverage, which can be associated with the potential value of 500 to 800 million oil barrels, related with the leads of the first priority. There are some likely possible responsibilities, which can be associated with Elenilto. There are mainly two areas of interest level for you to get hold of and those are associated with the immediate exploration and begin of the 3D seismic survey, on a short notice period.

Last important points to focus at

With the main area of concern is related with Elenilto, then it is going to invest in the exploration of tens of millions of US dollars, which can also include the latest invention of the 3D seismic coverage zone along with drilling of wells, in the area of shallow water block. This field is working since 2010 in and the main operational base is in Senegal. The major sectors are mineral and hydrocarbon sectors.