Server side ad stitching is the new weapon for web publishers

The ongoing conflict between web viewers and publishers who stream advertisements has paved the way for new discoveries and innovations in technology. The server side stitching is one such technology that has been introduced with the purpose of uninterrupted streaming of advertisements.  But before we move on to talk more about the new technology, it is important to understand the conflict that has been mentioned earlier. This would help to understand the purpose of the technology better.


A cause for innovation

Banner ads and videos that keep on surfacing from nowhere during web browsing gives difficult times for viewers by disrupting their viewing experience. The advertisements are completely unsolicited and intrusive that cause a lot of discomfort and annoyance which finally challenge the patience of viewers who become averse to online advertising in the way it is happening. Looking at it from the opposite angle, the advertisers and publishers are too much keen and aggressive to display their advertisements regardless of the aversion of viewers as huge revenues are generated from it. The tussle has compelled both sides to turn to technology for finding solutions to their problems and this has given rise to some technological tools like advertisement blocker and server side stitching of advertisements.

Advertisement blocker

This tool has been developed to empower web viewers to exercise their discretion in blocking advertisements from encroaching into the viewing space.  The tool comes in the form of a browser add-on or stand alone software that prevents the display of all kinds of advertising formats including banner ads.

Server side stitching

The term ad stitching is new to the digital world and it has introduced a new technology that has armed publishers with a weapon to counter the threat of the advertisement blocker. The term ad stitching refers to a technology that facilitates serve side insertion that allows stitching of video ads to video files prior to delivery of the video content. Video ads are thus completely fused to the video stream. This technology can be considered to an antidote to the ad blocker as it is capable of hoodwinking the ad blocker from recognizing video ads that can be displayed without difficulty. The distinction between original content and creative ads is camouflaged by this technology that gives a cutting edge to publishers in ensuring that the revenues from advertising are not affected by ad blocker.

Added benefit

Device fragmentation that results from different mobile device users using different versions of operating systems is also addressed successfully by server side ad stitching.  Since the devices can play the video, the advertisement that has been stitched to it is automatically played. There is no need to stream video ads to different devices separately.

The server side stitching has revolutionized the streaming of video ads and has opened the gateway for more revenues to publishers. It is now to be seen how web viewers respond to this advancement and what could be the next step from their side to reinforce the technological armory in a bid to prevent advertisements from intruding during web browsing.