Sportswear for Women.

Not all women like to work-out in Sports bras and Lycra shorts – or maybe they do, but until the time when we all feel comfortable enough in our toned up bodies to do that, let’s look at whose making the best sportswear for women.

Sportswear for Women

Nike Woman.
Everyone knows that Nike is best for trainers – across the board – that’s a fact. Their best sellers include the Nike Air Huaracha Run ID trainers, the Nike Free 5.0 trainers, Nike Epic Lux Printed leggings and the Nike Legendary Lava tights.
Whilst there isn’t great choice for specifically cycle based shoes, for sporting trainers there’s only going to be one supplier in the forefront of minds and that’s Nike.
In terms of clothing for on and off your cycle, Nike supersedes expectation with their collections of weightless warmth and ultrasoft layers. Layering is very important when it comes to any type of exercise – being able to find the happiest medium for you is idyllic for your workout.  Nike’s lightweight layers allow you to be the boss of your own workout, which is only supported by their woman-friendly brand.

Sweaty Betty.
Sweaty Betty is a mid-price range provider for exercise and comfort wear for the woman on the move. They stock innovative feminine designs which makes them coveted rather than dreaded when going to the gym, or out for a cycle. Sweaty Betty also, like Nike Woman, take the time to work with technical fabrics to find out what holds sweat, whereas which materials wick away with the sweat or which let the body breathe.
Sweaty Betty also put time into their brand so that they feel comfortable providing shoppers with dietary information tailored to them and their chosen sport, they also give out information and hold classes. All in all, Sweaty Betty provides well made, attractive clothing for working out (whatever your sport is) and maintains that their main goal is to inspire women to find empowerment and independence through exercise

SoActive (SheActive).
Recognised sportswear provider SoActive have launched their own range of women’s sportswear called SheActive and opposed to Nike or Sweaty Betty, they are a little more aesthetic based rather than sports geared.  Based online, SheActive maintains that they serve women who are serious about their training, fashion and lifestyle. Although they do stock some Nike lines, the predominance of their choices are from brands such as Lole or Wellicious.

So ladies, overall – if you want dedicated sportswear that err on the feminine side, go with Nike, if you want equal sportswear to feminine wear go with Sweaty Betty and if you just want to peruse some girly sports items take a look at She Active.
No matter where you get your sportswear from, it’s imperative you stay safe on your cycle. Layer up, stay warm, stay healthy and stay safe – if anything happens, give Carry On Cycling a call, they’ll do their best to work with you and get you back on your bike, feeling safe and ready to go.