Steps On Converting MP4 Files To WMV Format

MP4 is quite a favorite video format since its compatible with a fair share of media players, courtesy its premium standard compression quality. It implies that the MP4 files won’t get too big yet with there would be no compromise on the movie clips whilst you view them on large screens. But, then again at times you might require uncompressed video for elaborate editing or to ensure best viewing experience. In such a situation, if you own a Windows PC, a WMV conversion is the best solution. There are video converter software systems which will allow you to convert your MP4 file into WMV. The post here talks about how to convert MP4 into WMV.

 MP4 to WMVResearch well

The experts always advise to take a comparative study between 5-6 potential converter software options before you download. It’s because not all converter software out there can offer you the desired compatibility. Thus, you should go through the reviews and user testimonials before you download the converter software.

Install the software

As you download the software into your computer, install it properly as per the instructions offered. Try to choose a software which promises a user-friendly interface.

Select file for conversion

When you install the software, you will find something like “Add Video” on the screen. Click on it and you would be able to select your needed MP4 video file which you have planned to convert into WMV. Do you have to convert many files all at once? Well, then you must make sure to settle with a converter that supports batch conversion.

Select format

When you are done choosing the file or files for conversion, the next task is to choose the needed video & audio formats. Pick your needed WMV preset.

Pick output folder & start conversion

Now, you have to select the output folder before you go on with the conversion process. The output folder is the one that would be housing the converted file. Finally, you can now start with the conversion process. There is a “Convert” button out there. Click on it & proceed with the conversion.

You can trust on Movavi Video Converter system here since it’s one of the best recommended video converter options when you would have to convert MP4 files into WMV. The converter is easy on use and also supports batch conversion so that you can convert more than one file at once. Know more about Movavi video converter from here