Striped Rugs: An innovative feel for your home

Striped rugs are the best option for you when you are looking for the best rugs for your place.

More versatile than carpet, more inviting than wood or linoleum, area rugs, runners, and decorative mats can add color and design to any room in your house, condo, studio apartment, or mobile home.

Often a brand spanking new rug can set the stage for a whole new look.

Striped RugsPart of what makes residential striped rugs so enticing is the sizable number of options available. You can choose rustic, traditional, or contemporary designs in bright colors, pastels, or earth tones.

For example a recurring animal print theme of black and white zebra striped rugs can generate a contemporary effect that will offset brightly colored furniture and decorative accessories.

On the other hand, a rug that features Tuscan shades and a simple design can generate a conservative look that will give your whole room a classic flair. The best ideas are the ones that work for you.

Indoor and outdoor rugs are available in a range of materials and textures to fit your needs.

Outside, on your balcony or patio, or at the base of your swimming pool, you will need a rug that is the weather, water, and fade resistant.

These rugs usually serve multiple purposes, providing comfort, a decorative accent, and often serving as a safety measure against slips and falls.

They can be made of natural fibers like wool or cotton in the event that they are treated to resist the outside elements; more often, however, they are made from synthetic materials, like Olefin or polypropylene which is simple to take care of and can be cleaned with a hose.

The exception is Coir, a natural fiber that comes from the outer shell of a coconut; Coir is naturally water and weather resistant.