The 5 Best Corporate Event Trends for 2014

The landscape is slowly changing for corporate events, as they become more and more crucial for companies. Corporate events work as an investment for most companies, in terms of PR for the company as well as in order to cater to employees’ needs. Here’s a look at the 5 best ideas that have emerged as trends so far with corporate event planners in 2014.

Elaborate themes: A corporate event like an Annual Day or an Employee Appreciation day lets companies invest in letting employees have a good time and feel cared for. Today, themed bashes are the order of the day. Employees often dress up for the theme or perform creatively based on themes. Some of the most popular themes include a Bollywood theme, a retro theme, a brand colour-themed event, or pop culture themes.

Social Media: Events are getting increasingly social, moreso when it comes to corporate events. It is quite common since last year to see an official hashtag for a corporate event, or even an Instagram photo booth, or an iPad on a central table during the eventfor people to leave behind messages. Social media not only helps get the word out about your event but also lets people engage with your company and share interesting snippets from the programme.

CSR initiatives: Every corporate company today has a strong sense of corporate social responsibility. When it comes to corporate event management as well, a lot of corporate have started adding CSR initiatives to their events. For instance, a charity raffle, a tree-planting ceremony or even a dedication of funds towards educating underprivileged children is something companies have started investing in as well during events.

Interactive events: More and more companies have started having events that really let attendees experience sight, touch, taste and sound. For the more sophisticated corporate ‘dos, there are ‘build-your-own-drink stations, monogrammed cocktails and more. Other ways to engage guests include interactive games, laser shows and emcees that know just how to keep them interested and add a fun element.

Food stations: Instead of the usual buffet served up at most corporate events, food stations are a great option to provide some variety to corporate event guests. Options include a salad bar, an Italian food station, a sushi station or even a candy bar. The idea is to make food more appealing, and for it to help in creating conversations and adding to the atmosphere.


Image Source: BizBash

These are some of the corporate event planner trends that have been popular this year. There’s certainly a shift from the boring, stuffy events of the past, towards a more casual and employee-oriented celebration in corporate events in 2014.

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