The All Or Nothing Show

This kickstarter campaign is for completing the first episode of a television show, marketing it and submitting it to major networks. The goal pledge is $10,000. If the amount is raised, the estimated delivery of the promised project is by September 2016.


The donors get a copy of the trailer.

What the show is about?

The show is about four ambitious males who are very close to each other. They have bonded over a space of five years and are as close as brothers. They are trying to find their way in life in the city of Baltimore. Rap is their ultimate passion and they are keen to break into the industry, and make a name for themselves. However life and its struggles are in their way, and they have to deal with it on a day-to-day basis, while simultaneously try their best to kickstart their rap career.

The show is named ‘All or nothing’.

What’s positive about this?

The themes picked up in the show are contemporary and relatable. There are issues like failed relationships, bad parenting, and inter-racial marriages. The friendship that links the four protagonists is sure to be a delight to watch. It also touches upon the struggles of being a full time dad, something not often picked up by media.

What’s negative about this?

There should perhaps have been a better incentive for donors to donate than just getting a copy of the trailer. Something more personal and something that would highlight the progress being made by the show would have been more attractive.

How much can you pledge?

The minimum amount you can pledge is $20, which is a fair bit more considering the fact that most projects allow you to pledge as little as $1. For $20, you get a copy of the trailer delivered straight to you. If you can pledge in $100, you will get a copy of the soundtrack as well. Interestingly, you can pledge as much as $5,000, in which you get a signed copy of the sound track and even a signed picture from the cast.

You can support this project and join them at: