The Benefits of Prison Ministry

In brief, prison ministry refers to the great activity program administered by major Christian Churches with a view to bring reformation in offenders’ thoughts and helping them choose right ways of existence. For more than centuries, prison ministry is undertaken effectively by various Church communities all over the world. Ministry has been proved as a successful technique and method to fetch improvement in the way of lives of inmates and reduce the number of social crimes.

Typically, the church volunteers and staffs who work in the custodies as counselors are given through training that make them competent, knowledgeable and considerate to deal with this critical area.

According to the Kansas based highly acknowledged Westside Family Church people that the job is challenging in the sense that many times volunteers come across tough criminals. For this, they take suggestion from superior counselors and pastors of the Church to handle those imprisoned people.

In prison ministry from counseling to Bible studies and sharing ideas to workshops are some special courses. Knowing the offenders well helps in better rehabilitation, and that is why; many inmates are called in counseling sessions. Apart from volunteers, learned preachers also attend prisons and join the inmates and employees there in worship and prayer courses.

Christians irrespective of their background, education and activity areas are welcome to take part in jail ministry. As per knowledgeable counselors that ministry offers comprehensive spiritual lessons making inmates realize their mistakes which is the foremost way to fix them. Every volunteer participate in prison ministry are given lessons on patience, listening to inmates, forgiveness and so on.

Since its beginning, Westside Family Church Lenexa KS has been especially focused on prison ministry activities. The volunteers who are given charges to take care of prison ministry on behalf of Westside are instructed to follow certain rules in course of inmate treatments.  Some of them are

  • Teaming up with other staffs of the custody irrespective of their ranks and to invite them during worship, assembly or counseling sessions
  • Showing love, sympathy and due respect to inmates. Never consider them they are criminals rather treat them as normal human being. With this, you can get better result out of your ministry;
  • Let them know how to put full devotion and keep harmonization while they worship. Pastors should take part to let the inmates understand the meaning of every sentence. They should pass on the messages of God, his expectations from human being; how he takes care about them and so on;

Westside church is dedicated to share the everlasting truths, messages and thoughts of Bible and Gospels with common people, its members and volunteers. As per version of its members and people who attend the worship sessions in the Church room that listening to their musical based worship and chants offers a heavenly feel to everyone at the assembly.

The community is working very hard for society welfare activities in varied developing countries across the world. The compassionate, knowledgeable and friendly Church community is very popular not only in the United States but in all other countries where it has its representation.