The Key Players Behind The Success Of The Estee Lauder Company

The Estee Lauder Company is one of the best cosmetic companies in the world today. The name reposes high trust and quality in the hearts of both men and women across the globe. Mrs Estee Lauder is one of the famous female entrepreneurs who started from humble beginnings and gradually expanded a company that had only four products to a global household name.

Mrs Estee Lauder is a woman who cares. Her brand Clinique introduced a wide range of skin tested and allergy free products became not famous in the USA but across the whole world.

The Estee Lauder Company today has many brands. These brands have crossed geographical barriers and are famous all over the world. Most of these brands are considered to be the first choice for both men and women. However, the main success behind the brand portfolio of the Company is William Lauder.

He has been successful in marketing and promoting these brands to foreign shores. William Lauder of Estee Lauder has been a tough force to reckon with when it comes to products and cosmetics in the international market. William lauder joined the Company in 1986 and became a senior officer.

Estee Lauder Company

He was very successful in his venture and received many promotions in the Company. With the aid of his team and employees, William Lauder established the distribution channels of the Company rapidly. This was a major boon to the Company as products rapidly crossed international shores and became popular in the market.

William Lauder was also successful in enhancing the online activities of the Company for customers to get a personal touch. He managed them successfully and was able to give customers the personal touch they deserved.

William Lauder also developed the popular store within the store concept when he was looking after Origins. This concept became very popular not only for the Estee Lauder Company but for the other popular beauty and cosmetic companies to follow suit. William Lauder was also responsible for looking after the freestanding stores of the Company. He focused on their marketing and promotion activities of the Company. He also managed the retail operations as well.

The William Lauder Estee Lauder combination is the best thing to have happened to the Estee Lauder Company. Both have exceptional leadership skills and they not only dreamt for success but they worked for it too!