The Side Effects of Fast Food

The fast food which is often thought of as an easy solution to the eating activity while working, turns out to be one of the greatest vices of the present day society. It has extensive harmful effects on the proper functioning of the body and its organs. The respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular, central nervous systems, skin and bones; are all attacked by the adverse effects of this type of food.

Fast Food

It is therefore that nutritionists and food enthusiasts like Naman Wakil promote a well balanced and healthy diet for the proper functioning of body organs. A balanced diet is one in which all the essential nutrients are delivered to the body for its optimum functioning in the right quantities.

Most fast food and drinks are replete with too many carbohydrates which is the storehouse of calories. The digestive system converts these calories in sugar and that in return greatly affects the levels of blood sugar and consequently insulin in the blood, finally resulting in type 2 of diabetes. Conditions of the heart are also affected by the weight exerted by the extra calories.

The Transfats present in most junk or fast food are said to increase the LDL cholesterol level of a person and that is why some countries have even put a ban on the presence of Transfats in food. This ruining affect is for the coronary and digestive system alone, the others adverse effects are equally bad.

The respiratory system of a person is largely affected by obesity; shortness of breath and wheezing are among the common discomforts experienced. And this obesity is due to the high rate of consumption of the huge amounts of calories in fast food. Studies have revealed that children who have a vast exposure to fast food are at a greater risk of being affected with asthma or rhinitis.

Further startling revelations have been made through researches that say, people who are used to eating fast food are likely to develop depression very easily as compared to those who take very little or no fast food. The brain’s synapses or learning and memory retaining capacity could also be damaged as a result of prolonged consumption of fast food.

Acne which is a very rampant skin trouble faced by a multitude of people is mostly due to greasy and oily food, such as junk food. Unless and until you let go of the habit of hotdogs, burgers, croissants, muffins, tacos and chips, acne is not going to leave your side.

The bad affects of fast food are innumerable, from small to big, it literally affects almost all organs of the human body and causes some kind of decay in it, which ultimately culminates into an unhappy and sad life. This is one good reason for people to start swapping the bad elements of their diet with the good ones as proposed by Naman Wakil , to get to a perfect and well-balanced healthy diet. A little bit of your time consumed in understanding your bodily needs and planning and prepping your meal will surely not pinch you. On the contrary your lost time will be converted to a huge profit by turning you into the proud owner of a fit and healthy body and mind.