Tips for longer e-cigarette battery life

You don’t think much about trying to extend battery life when you are enjoying a Smokeless Image electronic cigarette. They will wear out eventually and regardless of whether they are rechargeable or not. They need to be replaced.But if you learn how to properly care about your battery’s life, it can save you some cash and extend its capacity to charge. There are many things you can do to save your battery and here listed below are some.

e-cigarette batteryStore your Battery Carefully

Carelessness might get the better of us and we might not think too much into how the battery might be harming our devices. This tip might seem like common sense but something this easy is what is usually taken for granted always. Avoid direct sunlight and heat can affect the lifespan of an e-cig battery. Be careful and keep your device away from water. Avoid shocks and any impacts and keep your devices from being dropped.

Regular Battery Use

Regular use of your device battery is beneficial to it. The more it is used, the more the power that will flow through it and make it efficient. Lithium ion batteries are designed to be used daily. Always ensure that a fully charged battery is used. If it is not fully charged, it has to work harder to power up for vaping and the faster its life is lost.

Don’t Drain out the Battery

It is as simple as that. Do not let your battery drain out completely. Recharge the battery when you notice that there is a loss in power. It is always easier to recharge a partially drained battery than one that is completely devoid of any charge. This is the reason why many vapers keep spare batteries on hand. Be careful to notice the loss of power as you use your device and ideal it should be recharged when the battery reaches half its available power.

Unscrew Battery after Charging

After the charging is over, remember to remove the battery off of the charger soon. This is to make sure that the battery is not getting overcharged. This could lead to an overworking of the device and cause a reduction in its lifespan. Also, it’s a good practice to disconnect the cartomizer from the battery when not in use for a long span of time. The cartomizer is always draining of a bit of the liquid as long as it is connected to the battery even if it is not in use. It helps in extending the time between the charges.

Keeping the Device Clean

Make sure to keep the threads between the cartomizer and battery clean. It will ensure a longer battery life if you remember to keep it off dust, grime and moisture. Use a cotton swab or an alcohol pad to wipe the threads connecting the cartomizer and the battery.

All these tips are useful for both automatic and manual batteries. Also, a battery does not last forever, however careful you are, so stock up on Smokeless Image batteries so you can enjoy uninterrupted vaping.