Tips To Build 200 Foot Zip Lines Without Trees

If you are that extra adventurous type and have that professional expertise, then you can even fix 200 foot ziplines without the use of any trees. Such an arrangement can be a lot of fun for kids in your backyard if you do not have trees which are long enough to support the weight, distance and gravity of the load that would be travelling through the zip line.

Consider The Heights 

When it comes to the consideration of heights, you have to consider both, the height from the ground and the difference between the two poles to give the required gradient to move.

All Zip Line Kits come with instructions which you should follow while fixing the lines and the accessories to maintain absolute safety and security. You can sue a yard stick and a laser level to measure the difference in height and the elevation of the line to have a perfect setup.

Tension On The Cable

The tension on the cable is another thing to consider while installing 200 foot ziplines as you would have to set the posts on the ground according to it. Too much slack may result in a catastrophe as it might not withstand the height and the resulting resonance.

There are several zip line manufacturing companies that come with all the necessary accessories for such set up at affordable prices. Reputed companies like the Zip Line Stop even have very simple and easy return policy of product with money return within thirty days which you can try out to enjoy the thrill.