5 Top Tips to Increase Your Adsense Earnings In No Time

Although Adsense is a brilliant program that can easily fetch you lots of money by using it on your sites, there are many webmasters and bloggers who fail in getting success.

In this respect, there are some tips following which one can easily make an increment in their Adsense earnings.

Google had worked well for the majority of webmasters and publishers using Adsense and if people using this program, keep an eye over some tips and strategies, they may increase their earnings to great extent.

Here are some of the tips which you can use while adding Adsense ads to your site. This can surely help you in increasing the number of checks you are getting each month from Adsense.

1. Choose the best ad format while adding Adsense to your site

Although there are various ad formats available, there is one format of Adsense ad which is used widely and is considered as best both for webmasters and publishers.

Large Rectangle (336X280) is considered the best ad format. This format has the tendency to result in higher CTR, or click-through rates.

Choosing this ad format can help in getting the best results as people just think that it is a part of the site content and not merely an ad.

2. Choose a proper color that mixes well with the background of your website

By using a custom palette for your ads. For instance, if your site has a black background, it is best to use black as the color of your ad border and background.

This will make your site content mix up with the ads so as to feel that it is a part of the web pages. This again leads to getting better clicks and better revenues.

3. Place the AdSense ads on the top areas of your site

Top positions of the webpages attract more potential advertisers and they can bid on getting the space at higher rates.

Putting the ads at a place where people can easily see them without scrolling down the page will make more impressions and clicks for you.

So try to remove the ads if you have placed them at the bottom of the page instead of the top portions.

4. Check out the links you have placed on your sites

If you think that some or the other relevant websites can make you more money, just keep adjusting as they deserve.

If anyway you feel that Adsense can make you more earnings as compared to others, then place it at the top.

Try to maintain and manage the different locations of the ads you are placing and remove all the unnecessary links from your sites.

5. Add good content regularly on your site

Content is the most important thing that helps you in getting more and more earning from Adsense. Just research the best possible keywords and create content around those keywords.

It has been seen that content on finance can help you make more money, so you can write about topics like stocks, forex, cryptocurrencies, or about broker platforms like OrbitGTM that can help.

The more content you add to your site, the more revenues you can get from AdSense in long run.

So just follow up these top tips to increase AdSense earnings and see how much increment you make in your next check amount from Adsense.