Top 5 Laptops You May Look At When Searching for A Great Machine

Laptops of high-end quality and features have been designed to provide you with desktop performance even if you are traveling.

There are many brand new laptops that are best in features as well as have a great value for money. Here we list out the top 5 laptops that one should go ahead with.

HP Pavilion

This is a high-end brand that comes with the best in value for your money. It has been made for small business owners and students as it weighs at 7.2 pounds.

With screen size 14”, it is ideal for the portable purpose and has 500 GB hard disk memory at 7200 RPM.

TrueVision cam technology is employed for webcam features and has an in-built microphone. The most unique thing with the HP Pavilion is the fingerprint scanner that prevents others from using your computer.

Huawei Ultrabook

Huawei is a brand that comes with a feature wide deal of features at an affordable rate.

Particularly the Ultrabook battery is high performing and you do not need to charge them frequently while working.

You will go for this brand as it catches fingerprints fast and has a low webcam resolution. It is also not sensitive to low light.

This laptop weighs very little and is very thin. A perfect device for traveling that comes with a 13.3 LED-backlit screen and features Intel Core i5.

This high-end Ultrabook also lets you control programs that you can load on boot and thus, decreasing boot time, enhancing memory usage and elevating speed.

Acer Aspire

This is a budget-friendly laptop but does not compromise on performance. It comes with 250 GB SATA hard drive at 5400 RPM and has 3 GB of RAM. It runs in 2.20 GHz AMD V Series V120 CPU.

Equipped with an 8 X DVD RW drive and an in-built microphone, this brand new laptop weighs 15.6 laptop at around 5.74 pounds.

Apple MacBook Pro

Though this is a bit expensive laptop brand, it offers extreme performance that the Apple brand only can provide.

It is equipped with 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 DUO and 4 GB DDR 3 memory. It has a weight of 8.9 pounds, which is heavy for a laptop and has a screen size 13.3”.

The most important feature of this brand new laptop is the backlit keyboard that lets you use the system even in the dark. It is stable and secure than other brand new models. Most issues with the system can be managed easily as well.

Asus 17 inch Gaming Laptop

For people who want a laptop with great performance and games must go for this brand new model. It is equipped with a 640 GB hard disk in 7200 RPM and employs ATI 5870 graphics with 1 gigabyte DDR5.

It employs an Intel Core i7 chip, which is perfect for an exceptional, fast gaming experience. This laptop comes with a backlit keyboard and weighs around 8 pounds.