Top Questions To Ask Your HOA Management Company

If you are one of those who seek to hire HOA Management Company then here you will come to know the top questions, which will help you to choose the best one.

How many homes does each manager handle in the company?

Most of the HOA companies overload their managers by handing over management of too many homes. The average number of homes is about 1800 for a manager but usually, companies overload them with more 500 homes. If the manager is overloaded, there are chances that he may neglect few homes. So, try to choose the company, which provides a sufficient number of homes to the manager.

Is the community inspection done regularly?

Inspection for the violation in the community is highly important in order to run the management properly. The association should check for the violation every week and send the picture though the violation letters. The homeowners can ask the community specialist regarding the inspection.

What is the TAT to calls and emails?

Homeowners can ask the company about the response time to the calls and emails. It should be maximum 24 hours in order to meet the needs within time. The board members should also have the cell phone number of the community manager so that they can contact them when there is any emergency.

Does the community manager hold any degree?

Ask the manager about the degree achieved by him. If any manager does not have adequate knowledge about the field then it becomes hard for him to manage the issues of the communities especially if it is legal.

Are they updated as per the current laws and regulations?

The homeowners should choose the management company, which keeps themselves updated as per the current laws and regulations. If any issue comes related to the property law then the company must support it. The HOA laws keep on changing day by day and the professional companies update themselves within time. They have the ability to advice the HOA board for making a better decision and for following all legalities.

Is the HOA management company affordable?

Homeowners should get a list of qualified HOA management companies and then they must check for the affordable one. Also never think to choose the cheapest one as those companies which charge fewer fees offers limited services to the homeowners. So, it is important to check the services offered by them with the fees. You can even compare the HOA management companies online. Selecting Riverside HOA management company online has become easier than other methods as through online you can call the company directly and ask about the services.

Who are your recent clients?

If you reside in Riverside, you can ask Riverside HOA management company to show their recent clients as they are the one who can tell true about the working of the company. If possible, try to meet the recent clients and get recommendations. Once you get that clients say good about any HOA company then you should go for it.

Above questions will surely help you to choose right HOA Management Company for your community.