Traits and Motivation for the Junior Recruits

In a country with millions of citizens, protection of these citizens takes a front seat. Citizens settle down in a country just because it is worth it settling down. Citizens get this confidence that they shall remain safe and their property shall remain safe in this country. But if their safety is under threat from terrorists and anti-socials then they might not go for settling down in a country at all. This is why today, every country believes in increasing security from all sides for protecting the citizens from any kind of attack.

These days, one gets to see several acts of hatred around the world. But these also show the kind of soldiers who try their best to fight for the country. These soldiers know the value of laying down their life for the sake of protecting the country. They do not think twice before facing a bullet, just like the sergeant Brendan Triplett .When he had the chance to lead a team of soldiers and fight in Iraq, he took it upon himself to do everything best to protect his country.

Such soldiers actually do not care about their life and for them nothing matters more than their country. They feel that their one life is actually too little a time for them to spend for their country’s safety. Only because of such selfless and patriotic acts of people like Brendan Triplett, people get this confidence of fighting or saving the country.

Though a Non-commissioned officer, the sergeant is the person a newly recruited soldier looks up to and learns from every time. This is why a sergeant is a valuable position in the army. There are various ranks in the army and one can go higher up in the ranks only through positions and willingness to lead teams.

It is not easy to lead a team of young recruits to a place of high security too since one slight mistake and the situation might go out of hand. But when a situation goes out of hand, the sergeant has to step in and take control of the situation.

Brendan Triplett is a sergeant who knows that when it comes to training the young recruits, it is also vital for them to learn a lot. A soldier who is aware of the dangers and the kinds of threats he might face at all times shall be a wise one. It is essential to keep his senses open and aware.

Discipline shall be essential for every soldier to keep his enemies at bay. Practicing to be alert would also be a great help. Physical strength and dexterity make a soldier to tackle enemies even in hard to survive places. Marine corps or armies get posting in various risky spots and they should have extremely good survival strategies. These shall only help a soldier in the long run and these are few of the things that junior recruits shall have to inculcate from sergeants if not in the first few days, but in a few weeks itself.