Uncontested Divorces v Contested Divorces

Being in a bad marriage can be a real challenge. The uncertainty of where your life is headed combined with the emotional, physical and financial battle you are facing can be overwhelming. It’s important to work towards ending the marriage with as least stress as possible, and this may hinge on selecting the right type of divorce. It’s ideal to know the various divorce types that you can choose to use to end your marriage.


Type #1: Uncontested Divorce

If you and your spouse jointly agree that the marriage should end, you may be able to select a contested divorce. This is the simplest and typically the quickest way to resolve this conflict legally.

The benefits of this divorce type are listed below:

  1. Fewer legal fees – Due to a contested divorce being more simplistic in nature, you will require less expertise from an attorney. This means a lower costing bill for you.
  2. Privacy – The last thing you may want your neighbors to know is your marriage is ending. The good news when choosing this divorce is that the entire matter will be kept private.
  3. Avoid court – Going to court is sure to be nerve-wracking for most people and is something you will want to avoid. Fortunately, if you and your spouse are agreeable to ending the marriage, you may not have to go at all.

Type #2: Contested Divorce

There are many situations when one spouse may want to end the marriage and the other may not. If this is your individual case, you will need to consider a contested divorce. However, the challenges of this divorce are many. In fact, studies show that a divorce of this kind can cost $15,000-$30,000 or even more in some cases.

Listed below are some of the disadvantages of a contested divorce:

  1. Steep legal fees – Since you aren’t agreeable with your spouse about the marriage ending the chances are high that you won’t agree on other matters. This complicated divorce will take more time on the part of your divorce attorney, and this will translate to higher attorney fees for you.
  2. Publicity – There will be a record on file for any person to see when you choose the contested divorce. This is because your case will go through the court system and it will be documented.
  3. Legal battle – The challenges of deciding on who gets the property, assets, debt and other things in a marriage can be time-consuming. You will likely need to go to court if you select this method of ending your union.

Divorce is never fun and can be a traumatic and stressful event for all of the parties involved. It’s ideal to get the necessary amount of legal guidance you need to advise you accurately during this unfortunate time. Be sure to consult with a family lawyer that is fully trained and educated on the various ways to end your marriage by way of divorce.