Universal production studios

Many individuals suffer from disadvantages and disabilities which stop them from being able to learn effectively. People with disabilities often get left out when it comes to the school curriculum and therefore it is important to think of alternative ways in which to help these individuals. Universal production studios is a project that aims to help young individuals who have disabilities by providing technology that can help them develop and reach their full potential.

Universal production studios

The project is focused on recruiting young adults who want to develop in life and reach their full potential and this project aims to be the central hub of that idea. It will focus on designing, survey analysis, marketing and promotion of the universal production studio and this will lead to a fully functional studio for young individuals so that they can reach their full potential and develop in this environment.

The kick starter project is asking for $350,000 and is focusing on the complete design of this project. There is a stress reduction environment that will help individuals develop at a high level. There will also be a team of individuals that will work with the students and these will be working on three different levels. This includes the first level, which is the role of the technical officer and this individual will monitor the production stations on a high tech level. The next level is that of the master engineer and this individual will see the technical operations through and also fine tune the cutting edge technology. The final level is that of the captain and this individual will make all the final decisions on the operations.

If you fund this project then you will be able to advertise your reasoning for support, and will be sent merchandise such as postcards and mouse pads. You are will also be able to get involved with the project and share your ideas for analysis.

You can support this project and join them at: https://goo.gl/6eePrD