Up And Coming Artist Puts Together His Debut Album A Cold Glass of Fresh Air

Matthew Silva is putting together his debut album, MattyBear- “A Cold Glass of Fresh Air”. He plans to debut and release mid-March 2016 with 10-15 songs. The genre is a dark indie game style type of sound. His ultimate goal is to create music for game soundtracks. His sound is a very unique dark passionate genre, that portrays his talents as well as his passion and drive to create his music.

Cold Glass of Fresh Air

Currently, there are some examples of his music on Soundcloud that you can enjoy. They are free to listen, like, comment, share and follow. Matthew is using Kickstarter to raise funds for the equipment needed to create and record his album. He is offering a free album to backers pledging $50 or more, higher pledges can have a dedicated clip on the album and/or a personal shout out. This is a great way for early fans to show support and get your name on an album. It sounds like an amazing perk, a free album with a dedicated clip and/or a shout out to you personally.

Matthew has a drive and passion to create music. It is his life to play music, his current goal to produce this album will spur him on to do great things with his musical talents. He has pledged that no matter what this album will be produced by March 2016. Backers wanting to help fund his needs can be assured that his drive and love for music will get this done. One day you could brag that you were a part of his beginning.

The Soundcloud tracks are very promising of a great album. The potential already shown leads this reviewer to believe we will see his name in game credits in the very near future. As well as producing more full tracks and even more albums as he expands his passion and abilities to fulfill those dreams. You can support the album by clicking here: https://goo.gl/FqYx9g