Using Intuitive Inventory Management To Manage Warehouses

Efficient management of inventory of a warehouse requires a lot o skill and flexibility. The maintenance of documents generated during the daily management of stock in a warehouse such as GRNs, GINs and many more can become an uphill task for many companies. The applications for managing these stocks currently available in the market can change this uphill task into a very simple affair. This application makes use of the Microsoft’s NET technologies and provides a large number of features that are easy to deploy and use.


Features of application

The features of the software include the capability to handle items kept in multiple warehouses. The function of each warehouse is kept separate, and the creation or deletion of warehouses is possible with this software application. The deletion of any warehouse by this Intuitive Inventory Management software is not hindered in any way even if there are a large number documents involved in interdepartmental transfers. Only one computer is needed to manage multiple enterprises or commercial establishments. The application supports grouping of items based on their characteristics where common measurement units such as kilograms, pieces and others are supported.

Updating the documents

There is always a possibility of error when an item is transferred from one warehouse to another. The correction documents generated to remove the error may not be correct. This does not occur when the Intuitive Inventory Management application uses inter-branch transfer documents that keep track of all items being shifted from one warehouse to another. You simply have to submit the destination warehouse and all necessary documents will get updated automatically. The chance of an error is nil if everything works all right.