Video for a song written for US Veterans

Kimberly Smoak came up with an awesome idea to honour the veterans of the United States. Her aim with this Kickstarter campaign is to create a video clip for the song she wrote about the patriotism of all of those who fought for the safety of people from the US.

In this project, Kimberly Smoak would like to include actual combat veteran, and exclude celebrities and actors, who would tell their stories. It would be about real men and women who fought for the US nation and their beloved ones.

US Veterans

She would like to create a music video with Casting Life Films to accompany the song she wrote in the honour of all the true veterans of the USA. She would like to finish this project by Veteran’s Day of 2016.

Kimberly herself is a disabled veteran too, from a military family. Her son is also serving in the military, he is now in the US Army Reserve. Kimberly is an energetic, Indie Country, Country Rock, Christian Country and Patriotic Songwriter-entertainer, who assist various organizations that help the veterans throughout the communities She has lived in. There numerous difficulties veterans face every day beside disability, and they do need help to recover from both physical and mental illnesses they gained while serving the nation.

Kimberly is positive about her very first project on Kickstarter. She says she own all rights, so the only thing can change in this project is the release date. No other interference from outside forces threaten the project. She has chosen a reputable and affordable videography company – Casting Life Films – who has won awards with their productions.

When this project is successfully finished, she would happily send a copy for the fundraisers to anywhere in the world. So if you would like to show your honour to the veterans who fought for the US nation, support Kimberly with her Kickstarter project.

You can support this project and join them at: