WESABOX – Short Script – A story with a value by Sarah and her passed husband Ralph

Sarah is concerned. She and her husband Ralph worked so hard to raise their children to love each other with respect, kindness and goodwill.

Now that Ralph has passed away, however, Sarah is left with responsibility of dividing their possessions and what’s left of their modest nest egg amongst their three children. While she wants to do right by the children she and her husband have loved so much, she knows that engaging them with this process will create a divide tear them apart.

The last thing Sarah wants to do is corrupt her children with frivolous issues like money and material possession, but she needs to take care of these important matters so that the same thing doesn’t happen when she has to move on and nothing has been accounted for.

Sarah knows that she can set everything up with an attorney, but wants a more personal way to reach out to her children when the time is right. Whether video, an audio recording, digital letters, and personalized lists, she needs a place that’s secure—and a place where she can put all of her thoughts and sentiments on how she has divided everything. This way, when her children have to come to terms with her passing, they will understand what will happen to the world they’ve always loved and known—instead of fighting over it.

The truth is, this happens to everyone. Sarah isn’t the only one who has a few matters she’s like to hold on to until the time is right. People all over the world are making discoveries, securing confidential information, and keeping secrets safe until they’re ready to share them with the right people at the right moment.

That’s why WESABOX is the one place Sarah can count on to keep and deliver her information to her children efficiently and at the time that she specifies. Sarah found WESABOX while surfing the internet, and upon reading about it, knew it was perfect for her. Sarah was able to take her arrangement of files, in addition to everything she went over with the attorney, and worked with WESABOX’s talented team of professionals to encrypt and store those items on the WESABOX server—at no cost to her whatsoever.

The process was simple and only took minutes—and it can be simple for anyone looking to secure information for their family, friends and colleagues.  Go online to WESABOX.com and create an account. Then, enter the information you would like kept private, and specify who the information will eventually be sent to.

Best of all, if Sarah changes her mind, or changes the information that she wants to pass on, she can easily make a cancellation at no cost. WESABOX offers Sarah, and people just like her, peace of mind that her loved ones will be able to survive any hardship in their future by preserving the bond she and her husband worked so hard to create.

It kind of makes the no cost, no subscription fee, and no hidden fee service icing on the cake. Go online to www.WESABOX.com and learn more about how people are sharing their precious information with the important people in their lives, today!