What Is Fleet Management All About

Fleet management in Canada basically refers to the management of transportation fleet of a particular company. The management of these vehicles include comprise of motor vehicles like car, truck, aircrafts, ships and vans. Fleet management is also referred as vehicle management in simple terms. It includes a wide range of functioning such as speed management, driver management, safety, health and fuel management. The function of vehicle management allows companies to minimize the risks linked with vehicle improvising, vehicle investment, productivity and efficiency.


Tracking of vehicles

Vehicle tracking is one of the major and basic functions of fleet management services. This service is generally based upon GPS technology. However, at times it may be based upon cellular triangulation and GLONASS platform. As soon as the location of a particular vehicle is tracked via GPS technology, its speed and direction are determined. Additional GPS tracking capabilities comprise of software management and application of other technologies. Some additional strategies for data transmission comprises of satellite as well as terrestrial. Satellite tracking communications are comparatively higher priced than other forms of communication. Such a technology is particularly used in remote areas which access to network is limited. By using fleet managementservices, users can conveniently track their vehicles over maps.

Software for fleet management

The software for fleet managementin Canada allows people to accomplish certain ongoing tasks in a better way. These tasks tend to encompass certain operations that include acquisition of vehicle till its disposal. The software allows profiling of vehicle and driver along with, dispatching, trip profiling, vehicle efficiency etc. the software can also render control features that may include; active disabling and Geo-fencing technologies. Current vehicle diagnostic information is also related with the management site. However, it greatly depends upon the kind of hardware installed in the vehicles. The latest platform based upon vehicle management is fleet controlling that has a greater amount data available for dispatchers as well as drivers.

Ship management

Fleet management services also include management of marine vehicles such as ships, boats and yachts. Management of shipping fleet is normally handed over to the companies. Such companies handle maintenance, crewing and other day to day operations. This renders ample to time to the ship owners to pay their attention towards cargo booking. The prices charged by the companies are almost negligible to the protection they render. The professional flee management companies use some of the most expensive technologies for giving a safe landing to your vehicle.