What is the Role of a Cardiologist?

Aside from working on hearts, most people have very little understanding of what someone in the field of cardiology does. With a little exploration and research, you can learn that if the need ever arises, a cardiologist is one specialized physician that you will want on your side. In the realm of cardiology, it is significant to know some of the specifics about the disorders. When the inside walls of your arteries begin to accumulate with plaque, coronary artery disease occurs. This plaque stops the proper amount of nutrients and blood to get through the artery. Although the disease mostly shows symptoms long before an attack, this disease can also cause a sudden heart attack.


Cardiologist like Lowell I. Gerber MD is intimate with your heart. He works to treat and diagnose many disorders and conditions of the cardiovascular system. From congenital defects to coronary artery diseases, there is very little that an efficient cardiologist like Dr. Lowell I. Gerber cannot do, except surgery. Though in some communities and cases the cardiologists can have a dual role, but usually they leave that up to the cardiac surgeon.

Congenital defects are another common condition treated and diagnosed by cardiologists. These are defects of the heart which occur at birth, its structure and valves. Congenital defects cause anything from conditions that upset the muscle’s pace to incorrect blood flow. Occasionally, during childhood these conditions go undetected and later in life, need medical attention.

Within the arena of cardiology, there are not only specializations that must be chosen during study of the cardiovascular system but there are also specific disorders treated. As the focus of their career, the physician will have a chosen specialty. These specialties are not limited to postoperative care of cardiac surgery patients, but include echocardiography, cardiovascular pharmacology, electrophysiology, even biostatistics, and pacemakers and epidemiology.

The work of a good cardiologist is never done with cholesterol, obesity and diabetes on the rise. There is not a dearth of patients to keep their practice and themselves busy. At the same time, there is a gathering of disease producing factors out there giving expert and hardworking cardiologists’ lots of business. However, most physicians would prefer to keep you healthy and will tell you that they focus on prevention and out of their office. Though In the end, it may be a crisis situation that causes you to need the proficiency and expertise provided by a cardiology office and its members. When that happens, if they are not available all of their education and specializations may go on the backburner.

Finding a doctor that is accessible can be difficult as cardiologists are in high demand these days. In these situations rely on references from your family care physician as well as family and friends. You should always go to your appointment, regardless of the situation that brings you to a cardiologist like Lowell I. Gerber MD, knowing that you are in the hands of someone extremely skilled and knowledgeable about your heart and its disorders. Cardiologists like him, take great pride in providing you superior quality care whom you can belief.