Which One is Better, Gradual Weight Loss or Crash Dieting?

Staying fit and losing weight becomes difficult if you are obese and living a sedentary lifestyle. Remember it is not a child’s play so you have to make sure that you apply right strategies to get rid of body weight. Moreover, it is also important to safeguard yourself from a variety of diseases, which have direct link with obesity. There are different types of weight loss programs, which you can opt for. Mainly there are two types of weight loss regime, which you can follow. One is crash dieting which involves skipping most of the food items to lose weight fast. The other strategy is to lose weight in a defined period and ideally, it is 1 pound of bodyweight per week. The second a strategy is beneficial in the long run and don’t have any side effects, but the only thing is that you will lose weight gradually.


People are more attracted towards crash dieting because they can see fast results in a short period. When you look slim, you find it satisfying and it is noticeable. You get comments from your friends and family members about weight loss and you think this is the right way. On the other hand, when you opt for gradual weight loss you need to have the right amount of patience to see positive results. In a month, you can lose 4 pounds of body weight with almost no side effects, but that might not be visible.

Crash Diet

In crash dieting, you have to control your calorie intake and skipping most of the food items to get fast results. You have to eat only certain types of foods. This will make you consume less calories, you will eat less than you are likely to burn every day and this will compel your body to lose weight at a fast pace. The more food items you skip, the better results you will get and this will take you on a new high. This post will enhance your confidence level and you find yourself dedicated to it.

Let us not talk about the health studies, which show that crash dieting may lead to nutritional deficiencies. This is because you have to avoid certain food groups to lose weight fast. In absence of essential nutrients, your body cannot function properly and because of nutritional imbalance, you will feel weak.

Crash diets are full of protein and fatty items that will increase your cholesterol level and you will become prone to cardiovascular diseases. The problem with crash dieting is the moment you stop it, you will gain weight at a much faster rate than you have lost.

Gradual Weight Loss

As you can understand by this word, this means that you can lose weight at a pace decided by you. You can decide how much you want to lose without creating nutritional imbalance. This kind of dieting involves low-calorie consumption, but full of necessary nutrients. When you opt for such diets, you do not have to worry about the nutritional deficiencies and can follow this for long. It may take some time to show the results, but you will have them without almost no side effects.