Important Reasons Why You Should Attend Christian Couples Retreat

Just like a car requires time to time servicing to assure that the motor keeps running well, marriages too require time to time tune ups to make sure that they prosper with time. Here are some of the reasons why every married couple should attend Christian couples retreat.

These programs are filled personal experiences, Biblical principles, marriage research and surveys crest and trough of your own marriage.

Take a look at the reasons:

1- The Christian couples retreat provides you the required training needed for a flourishing marriage. Just like you need to continue your education to be competent in your field, your marriage also requires time to time education via Christian marriage seminars and counselors to make your marriage successful and happy.

2- The retreat gives you realistic expectation of what marriage is actually like, both the happy and difficult couples come to know what to expect and how should they manage challenging times aptly when such a situation arises.

3- Christian marriage retreats give you a vision on how to make your marriage God honoring. For instance, husband and wife should be motivated to view marriage more like a covenant rather than a compromise or agreement. A covenant means that you are married apart from the three A’s i.e. abuse, adultery and abandonment. If God has joined us, then no one can separate us! Opposite to it, an agreement means that you’re married as long as you are happy!

4- The retreat will help you sharpen your significant skills on how to walk out of the past wounds and make your marriage forgiving. With a healed past, you will be able to reconnect and develop true intimacy because you will no longer be prone to any resentment or revenge.

5- It helps you to learn how to better manage rifts and conflicts to avoid extremes of any situation. Rather than being destructive, you will be productive and constructive and discuss the problems and try to sort them and speak your true feelings in love.

6- It will teach you the required abilities to cultivate your emotional and physical intimacy and link both in the right way. For a lot of couples, physical intimacy and emotional intimacy do not interconnect. And, for a woman to be completely yours from her soul, she should be emotionally bare first and then physically bare.

7- In retreats, you have some undisturbed time to spend with your partner without any interruption from your kids, work or any other household work. Just relax and work on your relation and try to re-bond.

8- You will be comfortable when you see that it is not just you experiencing marital difficulties. With so many couples facing issues around you, you will get a feeling of hope that there are answers and solutions to your problems and challenges you are facing and things will surely get better.

Marriage surely isn’t easy to handle and to carry your whole life. In fact, this new gen “throw away” culture motivates people to give up quickly on their relationships when things get out of control and look out for someone better.

But, God’s heart is for us to garnish your marriage with love, hope, trust and understanding and grow with your mate and become soul mate. Marriage is the best tool of God to refine human being to get closer to Him. Thus, we should do everything to make our marriages successful.

There are a number of causes which leads to marital strife. But, Christian couples retreat give you the right tools to develop your marriage and take to the path of success.

Make attending retreats and seminars your goal. A Christian marriage retreat will help you wipe away all your old wounds, seek new opportunities in life and cultivate a healthy marriage.