Why big corporations and influential business people should do more for charity

We will never discover how people live around us until we make a step to do so. When we decide to donate to a children’s home, we dig deeper into the history of the institution. We look into the history, trying to get answers to questions such as, why do children live in this home? Don’t they have parents to go to? Our minds will open up to new findings, opinions, and injustices we didn’t know exist. When we give, we begin to understand the problems people face on a daily basis. We also see the need to create awareness.

As individuals, we can practice philanthropy when we donate to homes and schools that are starting up in our towns and cities. Donations are highly appreciated whether you put in finances or time. Oprah Winfrey contributed about $725,000 to South African schools. A kind gesture such as this helps a child in South Africa, and after getting an education, that child is able to impact the economy.

influential business peopleCorporations such as Coca-Cola donate about 1.2% of their annual profits to help build temporary homes, makeshift schools and medical camps. When disaster hit Haiti in 2010, the soft drink company donated about $2 million.


BackaBuddy (www.backabuddy.co.za) is a fundraising service that is promoting donations and charity work. This service uses the micro-philanthropy strategy to collect donations and use them for a good cause. With micro-donations, one can visit the BackaBuddy site, find a woman who is suffering from breast cancer and finance her treatment. BuckaBuddy helps recipients and donors to connect online.

With modern technology, one can simply log in to a micro-donation funding site, meet people who are requesting donations, and an amount is sent directly to their PayPal account. Both corporations and individuals from all over the world can access this site, and that makes it easy for one to donate to a good cause. The small donations are aggregated to become huge sums of money that can, for example, help educate children in South Africa, or go to the Little Fighters Cancer Trust.

While in South Africa, the founders of BackaBuddy got the opportunity to change the lives of many, raising millions of dollars for deserving recipients in South Africa.

Giving impacts our social circle positively

When engaging in charitable donations, we meet new people that we can learn from, exchange ideas with, and be inspired by. A good example is the Scottish businessman and philanthropist, Lord Laidlaw. He got his MBA at Columbia Business School and later started his career as a financial analyst, rising through the ranks to become Chief Executive Officer at the Doubleday Book Club. He has not only donated greatly to the Laidlaw Youth Trust, which helps disadvantaged people in Scotland, but also played a huge role in financing productions at the London Coliseum and donated $2 million.

When we give to charity, we improve our wellbeing

There is no better feeling than giving to someone who really needs food, or clothes to cover themselves from cold. When influential business people or corporations donate to charity, there is a sense of satisfaction and wellbeing.