Why you should trade at MDX500?

If you are looking for a great broker to sign up, MDX500 is one of the best options to go for. The broker offers a lot of services that you would love as a trader.

Take a look at them:

MDX500 trading

Security of your funds

Your money is not always safe with the broker as long as it is going in the same account as the broker.

It is the last thing you want. However, MDX500 deposits your money in segregated accounts. It is a sign of a genuine online broker.

It has the best trading platform

As a trader, you need dozens of things to get a successful trade. There are a number of charts, indicators, and order execution instructions to follow.

The MDX500 trading platform is one place where you can get all of it.

It is a renowned trading platform that can work on any device. It runs great on the computer and your Android smartphone and iPhone. It is simple to use and executes orders immediately.

Great support

The broker offers the exclusive feature of personal account managers. Yes, if you have signed up for the advanced account, you can avail of this feature.

But, even with your basic account, you can get professional customer support.

Several trading assets

It offers CFD trading. As soon as you sign up with MDX500, you can trade in all cryptocurrencies. Right from BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC to Dash, all the major cryptocurrencies are enlisted here.

Trading signals

While other brokers demand $100,000 for a VIP account, MDX500 offers you this facility with just a small deposit of $12,000. You will start receiving trading signals on your account.

Learn copy trading

This feature may not be available with other brokers.

MDX500 with the Active8 trading platform provides you to master copy trading spec. if you aren’t confident about your trading decisions, you can just copy trading. Choose the best traders and copy their trades.

Final thought

MDX500 has been around for several years and offers great service to traders. It has a user-friendly trading environment and enjoys great repute amongst traders.